Elly Knoops

elly knoops

Elly began sculpting in the mid 90's. In the early days she sculpted children dolls as well as babies, but currently she is only working on the babies. In 2004 she sculpted her first baby for reproduction in kit form for the art of reborning. This first baby, Eefje, was presented at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. At first we only produced in hard vinyl. After a visit at IDEX Orlando in the USA, we began offering kits in soft vinyl which is the preferred kit type especially for rooting hair. And now soft vinyl kits are the only ones we produce. Sometimes the babies are based on persons. Luca, the most famous kit of Elly, was based on the younger daughter and Bibi was based on one of Ellys grandsons. I will of course be working on new kits. I absolutely adore sculpting and I hope to be able to continue this for many years. Winning some gold medals in the GDS-competition were thrilling experiences for me, but I would say my favourite experiences have been being able to meet fellow doll artists and collectors throughout the world.