Didy Jacobsen

didy jacobsenDidy Jacobsens life began in a small village in the Netherlands in 1955.
A strong desire to make Baby dolls lead her to attend a course for making dolls. She has been making her famous one of a kind baby dolls out of Modelene now for many years. Since 1999 her work has also been produced in vinyl by the well know Gotz manufacturer.
Didy's inspiration comes from watching babies closely, peeping into baby carriages is irresistible to Didy, their expressions can change from peaceful slumber to happy smiles & these varying emotions are beautifully portrayed in each individual family member of Didy's babies.
The Babies are aprox 20", have glass eyes & are fitted with the finest handmade wigs. The bodies are soft to cuddle & clothed in outfits always of natural colours, designed & made by the artist herself.
These little ones come signed by the artist, along with a precious little heart drawn by Didy to kiss them on their way to their new families.