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ReBornFX Belly Jelly ~ 2LB Bag

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JUST ARRIVED ~ ReBornFX Belly Jelly

We have been searching for over 2 years to find the smallest, softest fat pellets and we finally found them!!!

These pellets are only 1/8" in size which gives your a good, solid weight and packs better inside the cloth body than the harder pellets.

These are also THE SOFTEST pellets you will ever find,  You WILL NOT find squishier pellets anywhere else.

Even inside the cloth body, you can hardly see the shape of these pellets because they are so soft.  You will absolutely LOVE the way they feel

inside  your reborn's body.

Our Belly Jelly is formulated WITHOUT Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) which means they are 100% Latex FREE


It is a known fact that soft pellets could have an adverse reaction to vinyl and it is therefore not advisable to fill your reborn's limbs or head with these pellets.
These are meant to be used inside the cloth body and preferably contained inside a cotton cloth bag so that it does not come into contact with any of your vinyl parts.


Details of this Product is as Follows:

  • Size: 1/8"
  • Color:  Translucent White
  • Quantities:  2Lb & 5Lb Bags or 20Lb Box


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