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Latex Free REBORNFX ~ Skin Texture Stamp

Skin texture stamp sponges

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In your kit you will get 4 imprint sponges ; 1 small and 1 large skin cell design impression sponge  and 1 small and 1 large skin wrinkle design impression sponge.  The sponges are designed, molded and cut by hand so each sponge design will vary in each kit.  The skin cell designs are great for imprinting onto the back of hands, knees, elbows and forehead of your newborn. The wrinkle designs are great for enhancing wrinkles around the wrists, ankles and forehead of your newborn.  The instructions are written for heat set mediums and air dry mediums. With a bit of creativity these imprints could enhance your skin painting by adding skin shadow colors to your mediums
Other advantages; The sponge allows the rubber imprint to be flexible which makes it easier to apply going around corners. eg. the limbs.  Get many uses as the rubber imprint can be easily cleaned.

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