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Heat Set Thinning Medium ~ Kebelka ~ 4oz

Kebelka Heat Set Paint Medium

Discontinued ~ Limited Quantities

4oz Thinning
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Kebelka Heat Set Paint Medium ~ 4oz Thinning ~ Discontinued ~ Limited Quantities

Compatible with the ORIGINAL Genesis Colors

Note; Kebelka products need to be Heat Set at 265 degrees Fahrenheit for 9 to 10 min for curing

           Kebelka products can be mixed into Heat set Paints such as Genesis paints.

Kebelka THINNING Medium

Is used for glazes or when we want to apply translucent layers, but we want it not to be completely liquid, to prevent the paint from dripping from unwanted places. This medium can be mixed with heat set paint colors to achieve translucent veins, blush, creases, shaded areas etc.

Use the Thick medium to create a strong sealer. Solvent can also be added to creat a more liquid mixture for very thin applications. Thinning medium cures to a matte finish. Stir/mix until all lumps are gone then apply in very thin layers.

MacPherson Arts & Crafts, it's directors, management, and staff cannot accept any responsibility for the way in how Kebelka is used after it leaves our warehouse.  We have no control over how this product is used by the end user and therefore  refunds or chargebacks will be issued for this product or any vinyl doll kits it has been used on.  MacPherson Arts & Crafts indemnify itself, directors, managers and staff from any claims - monetary or replacement products.   The use of Kebelka will be at your own risk.  PLEASE NOTE:  Follow the instructions as set forth by the Kebelka Company for this product.


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