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Xodus Heat Set Paints~Thinning~1/2 OZ

Xodus Heat Set Paints

1/2 OZ of Thinning Medium

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Xodus Thinning Medium for Heat Set Paints~1/2 Ounce Jar

One of the nice advantages to the Xodus Thinning Medium is that it makes the New Formula Genesis paints less tacky, more blendable and gives a nice smooth glide when spreading.  When mixing in the Genesis paints add in no more than the 50% recommendation and heat set at the normal 265 F for 8 to 10 minutes.  With this mixture you can thin down your paints further with your odorless solvent for washes.

The Xodus thinning medium is very comparable in looks and consistency of the original Genesis thinning medium.  Basically the same instructions as per the old Genesis for example not recommended to use by itself, should be mixed into other heat set mediums or paints at less than a 50% ratio.  Bake at the same temp and time recommended for the heat set paints/mediums you are mixing the thinning medium into (265F/270F) **NOTE** 265 Fahrenheit  is equal to 130 Celsius


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