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Jessica Schenk

 Interview by

MacPherson Arts & Crafts


I was born and raised in Oregon but have lived in California and Washington as well.

 I have loved dolls since I can remember. My great grandmother would give me her antique dolls to play with at family gatherings when I was very young. I thought they were scary and fascinating all at the same time.

 I began sculpting dolls in the summer of 2004. I started out with mini babies no bigger than 6 inches long. I produced my first doll kit in 2008. I have produced 15 kits so far including one I have planned for summer 2019. I also have had several other kits and finished dolls produced by a few different companies over the years.

 I’ve recently started to make reborn dolls as well as continuing to sculpt. I haven’t reborn one of my own sculpts yet as I am having a lot of fun seeing and painting all the different sculpting artists work.

 Reborn dolls are such a beautiful art form and there are so many talented sculptors and reborn artists. I think this art form will always change and evolve but I do believe it is here to stay!

My doll kits:

2008 Holland

2009 Noah

2010 Riley

2011 Olive

2011 Owen

2012 Tristan

2012 Tallulah

2012 Trinny

2013 Amy

2015 Hazel

2016 Odelia

2016 Tasha

2017 Mackenzie

2018 Theo

2019 Shane