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Corina Z Wagner

corina zaremba wagnerMy name is Corina Zaremba Wagner and I live in the beautiful capital of Saxony, in Dresden since 2006. : o) I originally once economic merchant / consumer domestic trade and later a bank clerk and learned now since 1996 but already working as a freelancer.

Since 2004 I reborn this sweet Real Life Babies and started in 2006 to model. So I have now also own Dream Baby Collection. This free-hand (without the use of forms) modeled babies are UNIQUE and absolutely unique in the world. The little mice are also called OOAK's "One of the child", which means "the only one of its kind / unique" !!!

I use only high quality materials in the manufacture and clothe the little mice with exclusive baby clothes.

Each Reallife- or OOAK / unique baby is special and requires many hours / days / weeks until it is perfect. So I can guarantee you an absolute dream baby, which leaves nothing to be desired!
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Results 1 - 1 of 1