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Angela Wilkins

 Interview by

MacPherson Arts & Crafts


I was born and raised in Virginia and I still reside here with my husband, children and grandson.
I'm a self taught artist/ doll maker and have been making dolls since 1994.
I've always had a love for dolls. Growing up in an artistic family my grandmother would make me cloth dolls and their clothes, later teaching me how to make them.

After having my own children. I began making them soft sculpture dolls and reborning kits made by other artist.

With much support and encouragement from family and friends, my love for babies and the desire to reborn my own kits I started sculpting babies in clay and had them produced into limited edition vinyl kits.
When sculpting babies I try to convey a look that expresses their personality, mood and character while capturing their sweet innocence.

Over time my work has grown and developed as I'm constantly refining my techniques.
Recently I began molding and pouring my sculpts in silicone.
At this time I plan to focus more on producing silicone babies, but there still may be some limited edition vinyl kits in the future.

The art of sculpting has become a dream and inspiration for me.
I appreciate my loyal customers/ collectors and seeing the joy my babies bring to them is wonderful and give me the greatest pleasure of all.

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